Aerial Imaging

ix:pression from above

New perspectives


The world appears different from above! Utilize unusual viewpoints and angles to attract the attention of your target audience. 
ix:pression® is your partner for new aerial perspectives.

Enhance your advertising strategy with aerial photography or capture weddings and other special events with aerial video.

Aerial photographs may also be the right choice for surveying, construction site reports or roof and property assessments.

capture special occasions

don’t miss the perfect moment

gain a change in perception

experience fabulous new views


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Video sequences for

  • Digital advertising
  • Clips for your website
  • Animated presentations
  • Surveys, site reports, roof surveys
  • Weddings and events
  • Corporate videos (professional editing)
  • Fotos for advertising purposes
  • Advertising for tourists
  • Maintenance and inspection flights

Our services

  • professional aerial photo and video
  • Authorized pilote per general order and official approval
  • Liability insurance
  • Range up to 500m (depending on location and visibility)
  • Photos up to 12 megapixels
  • Videos up to 4K resolution
  • Preflight checklist including recording and flight plan
  • professional post-production dependant on your needs
  • Sound production (if required)
  • All popular media formats
  • Distribution via all channels
  • Right to image and copyright negociable